4ml-syringe volume

4ml-syringe volume

Every woman has one main mission in life – to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. Many circumstances do not allow us to make such dream a reality. These include one of the main life processes, i.e. aging.

Today, one of the best-known drugs is ActiveGel. With its help, a woman can always remain charming and beautiful. In manufacturing 4 ML gel, a special formula is used, which allows it to be used for enlarging lips. Also, it will come in handy for resolving other problems related to aging processes.

After application, lips become soft and supple. Now men will always pay attention to your gentle features.

Active gel can be bought at an affordable price. You no longer need to worry about your appearance. The main advantage is safe and convenient use. There is no need for surgical intervention to change any area of your face. Today, there exist fillers for changing not only lips but also other areas. With their help, you can remove the signs of aging for good and regain your youth.

Aqua filling has distinctive features. These include:

  1. Synthetic materials are not used in its manufacture. It is an environmentally friendly product.
  2. High level of sterility is achieved due to storage in aseptic conditions.
  3. It was clinically proven that the drug has a high level of safety and does not cause allergic reactions.
  4. The volume must be selected depending on the final purpose of application.