100g-containers volume

100g-containers volume

Many people think that the body aging process cannot be stopped and it is necessary to just accept it. Now, you will have to hide inelastic muscles and flabby skin under long skirts and pants.

Modern medicine gives an opportunity for every woman to correct this situation. The drug 100G Activegel® allows you to adjust different areas of the body and make them elastic and tight.

Activegel is an innovative formula that involves the use of synthetic materials. Its distinguishing features are sterility and cleanliness. This drug is produced in aseptic conditions. After this, it undergoes special sterilization (actoclonal).

Filler Activegel® is a modern remedy that helps correct buttocks without exposing yourself to surgical intervention. The implant is hydrophilic in nature. It is injected under the skin and it does not resolve for a long time. Ultimately, it means that a woman can adjust various areas of her body according to her desire and preferences.

100G implant Activegel (butt injection) has many advantages. These include:

  1. No need for surgical procedures.
  2. Sterilization of the drug ingredients and use of environmentally friendly products in its production.
  3. It can be use in various types of medical activities.
  4. Long-lasting effect.

5. It is possible to correct buttocks or other areas of your body at any age due to biocompatibility.

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