2ml-syringe volume

2ml-syringe volume

To date, 2ML active gel has all the necessary functions that meet the aesthetic and plastic surgery standards. This material enables you to solve such problems as:

  • restoration of the shape of your face;
  • elimination of soft tissues deformation;
  • achieving the desired volume of soft tissues.

The main advantage is that after being injected Activ gel does not resolve. With its help the required result is achieved quickly and in the best possible way.

For active gel production, special synthetic materials are used which do not include animal components. Nor are products of genetically modified microorganisms used here. Hydrophilic active gel is always kept in aseptic conditions. This type of storage allows for a high level of sterility. Before use, the material undergoes additional sterilization by autoclaving.

Every woman, regardless of her age, wants to always look beautiful and natural. But this is not always possible, because time does not stop.

Thanks to active gel scholl, you can once and for all solve the problem which is associated with age-related changes. The aesthetic result lasts for a long time, which allows you to maintain resilience and tightness.

The main advantage is its affordable cost. At any convenient time, you can independently make an injection into the area of lips or neck. A distinctive feature is its biocompatibility. With its help, every woman will be able to make all areas of her face look beautiful and charming.