1ml-syringe volume

1ml-syringe volume

Every woman on our planet wants to preserve her beauty and youth. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, since in the majority of cases the ageing process is irreversible.

LLC “National Center for Medical Technologies” has developed a special lip filler. It is one of very few products that can help you preserve beauty and feminine charm. This remedy improves the shape of your lips and enables girls to become even more charming than before. After the first application, lips become more elastic, soft and voluminous. With the help of hydrogel implants your former beauty will not leave you for the next 5 years. After taking the full course, you can forget about all your shortcomings and happily enjoy your appearance by attracting admiring glances of men.

Activ gel can also be used to remove other defects in your body. You can easily remove all the shortcomings of your figure that appeared with age.

Advantages and features

If you want to get rid of your obsessive thoughts about your appearance, then you should buy gel implants. The lip filler has such positives:

  • development of synthetic substances based on environmentally friendly ingredients;
  • preparation of the drug in sterile conditions without any hygiene deviations;
  • reliability in use;
  • confidence in the 100% positive result;
  • quality of product for use;
  • affordable cost;
  • limited amount of necessary substance.

Correction of lips with the help of “Aqualift” is classified as belonging to the group of contour plastics. This substance will allow you to return former beauty and to forget about the shortcomings of your face and body. Developed by means of the latest technologies, the gel allows the fair half of humanity to maintain themselves in good shape in home settings. The skin of your face, including certain face areas will not be injured, but rather will help you achieve a pleasant rejuvenating effect and keep it for a long time.